About the name


When I decided to be a freelance graphic designer in 1997, I had a hard time coming up with a company name. While doing some temporary work for a local studio, the staff designers and I were talking over lunch about my new life as a freelancer and someone said “Have computer, will travel!” with a laugh. Later, after a couple of weeks of unsuccessfully trying to come up with the perfect company name, I remembered this saying and googled “Have gun, will travel” and discovered a tv show from the 1950s. The main character was a gun-for-hire who called himself “Paladin”. A dictionary definition described a paladin as a solo knight on a quest. And so I had my name.


About me

My name is Michael Rhodes and I've been a graphic designer since the late eighties. To say that I'm on some sort of quest to rid the world of bad design is a bit too dramatic for me, but I do love design and I am passionate about helping my clients get the results they desire and deserve. As a designer, I see myself as a problem solver. Coming up with solutions to problems, big or small, is what keeps things interesting.

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